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If you know someone with a disability who would benefit from assistance or if you would like to refer yourself, please get in touch with us directly at contact@thinkwisedisability.com.au

We Are a Child-Safe Organisation

A child-safe organisation creates an environment that promotes the safety and well-being of all children. At THINKWISE Disability, we believe that we are responsible for ensuring that all children are provided with a safe and nurturing environment in which they can thrive. In addition, a child-safe organisation emphasises regular engagement with children to ensure their needs are always met. THINKWISE Disability understands that the engagement between staff and children assists in identifying the challenges that children might face now or in the future. We believe this enhances the quality of life of all children we support at THINKWISE Disability. ​ THINKWISE Disability is guided by policies that minimise the likelihood of harm to children as a child-safe organisation. Our management team has invested significant resources into regular training of staff who care for children. In addition, we ensure that we employ adequate staff who are in charge of monitoring children and avoiding all hazards to create a safe working environment. ​ Being child-safe means responding to children’s concerns quickly. One measure that we have adopted to promote fast responses to issues at THINKWISE Disability is by creating a clear communication channel. The THINKWISE Disability management team understands that open communication with staff leads to effective communication and fast response times to ensure children are kept safe at all times. Our policies and guidelines mean that children’s rights are always exercised. In addition, we promote a skills exchange to enhance children’s mental well-being. ​ Providing children with a safe and secure environment plays a vital role in enhancing their physical and mental well-being.