THINKWISE Disability is a disability and home services provider that delivers Complex care services.

Each of us wishes to make the most of our lives. Thus, whether you have severe disabilities, an intellectual disability, autism, a brain injury, or a mix of ailments, THINKWISE Disability is a community organisation dedicated to improving your living conditions. We believe that everyone, regardless of physical or mental state, deserves good care!

Our organisation, with the assistance of our disability support workers, nurses, and social workers, provides high-quality complex care services, such as:

  • Positive Behavior Support Plans – designed to assist individuals in improving their behaviours;
  • Mealtime Management – ensuring that there are no disruptions during meals
  • Aging-related issues include dementia and decreased mobility, which may impair daily activities such as park walking.
  • Additionally, we give High-Risk Seizure Therapy, which may be necessary when risk factors are present and can induce epilepsy-like symptoms – as well as Pressure Area & Wound Management for those looking after themselves, particularly following surgery!

We are available to assist you! To get started, contact us immediately, and we’ll discuss how our services can best meet your needs.